Vestry Actions

Vestry Minutes                                                                                                                                          December 12, 2016

In attendance: Fr. Murph, Dan Trecki, Bernie Rottschaefer, Lew Dexter, Helen Askin, Paul Cammisa, Mike Kurzawa, Andy King, RJ King

Missing: no one

  1. Dinner was held
  2. Jeff led us in devotion and a lesson
  3. The minutes from the November meeting are not ready. Jeff will present them at the January meeting
  4. Rector’s report
    1. Carolwalk: We had approximately 425 people as host. Parishioner Matthew Kearns played bagpipes and the St. Paul Church choir joined to perform one of the anthems here.
    2. New loan note from the Diocese: the diocese agreed with our request to renegotiate the terms of our loan according to the suggestion we put forward. We need only sign the updated note and pay the lower monthly amount. $532.21 is the new monthly payment. $29,618 is the balance on the loan as of last month.
    3. Assessment for next year: the diocese has sent the vestry a proposed assessment for 2017, which requires the vestry to determine to accept it.
    4. Sound system assessment by Dobil & Co. The donor is willing to pay up to $1000 but this would still leave another $1842 to pay for updating our sound.
      1. Need to establish difference in cost if we purchase fewer mikes
      2. May need to delay until we have the balance required.
    5. New consecration Sunday status report: 70 pledges and $180,969
      1. Not sure if it is the same as last year, need to check
    6. Hockenstein proposal: ideas for financing in 2017 ($18,000)
      1. Budget
      2. Challenge fund-raising
  • Special appeal
  1. Wait until later
  1. Downspout replacement outside choir room:
    1. Jeff is still concerned that it has not yet been replaced and results in a great deal of drainage collecting outside the choir room
      1. The existing down spout is too small
      2. Daryl Hayes is willing to give a bid
        1. Mike moved, Kathy seconded. Vestry agreed to get a bid
      3. Remaining roof has been cleaned in order for it to be repaired
    2. Money from the Rector fund: what does the vestry want to do with this money? Should we put it into a special building and grounds restricted fund?
      1. Until needed for an emergency/replacement of boiler
    3. Vestry nominating committee
      1. Outgoing vestry members are: Mike Kurzawa, Andy King and RJ King
    4. Presiding Bishop’s visit to Pittsburgh on February 3-5, 2017. Diocese is planning several events over these days for people to meet the Presiding Bishop. They will occur in several different places and will be targeted toward different age groups. A schedule is available on the diocesan website.
  2. Senior Warden Report
    1. Taking over nominating committee
  3. Junior Warden Report (copied from emailed report)
  4. Our heating system continues to be a problem. The recent cold services were the result of having particulates from older pipes impacting our pumps which impaired the hot water to the heat exchangers. This is being rectified with the installation of filters which bear an installation cost of approximately $2000.00.
  5. Our nursery experienced a significant water leak despite the fact that we had installed a new flat roof membrane in December of 2008. While the roof was under warranty, the cause of the leak was from an enterprising squirrel who chewed through the membrane. This is not covered. The repair person suggested that we must deny the squirrel access to the flat roof if we intend to have an intact roof. Additional squirrel initiated water damage was found in the guild room at the lowest point of the roof where water probably adhering to the underside of the membrane traveled wetting some of the books in the bookcase. Professional tree trimming estimates are being obtained.
  6. The nursery carpet was steamed and an anti-mildew treatment was applied. While the carpet cleaners were in the building, the hallway carpet in the basement was also steam cleaned.
  7. A person(s) apparently have moved some of the eight foot tables and again damaged the ceiling light fixture which blew a screw-in fuse.
  8. Cardboard and other combustibles seem to be accumulating in the basement of Thomas House. We should remove these hazardous accumulations.
  9. The furnace filters of Thomas House have been exchanged.
  10. The coat rack has been returned to the vestibule of St Thomas and is being used.
  11. Bob is not spending enough hours to adequately clean the church. We will need to have more volunteers help to maintain cleanliness or if we need to hire additional cleaners we will have to be prepared to pay considerably more.
  12. Will need to determine with help from the finance committee if we can afford more hours of cleaning per week
    1. Bronze plaque has been ordered and will be installed on the church
    2. Need additional bids for tree trimming
      1. RJ will call Joe Broski
    3. Treasurer’s Report
      1. Emailed to vestry
      2. Assessment has gone up about $300/month
        1. Based on 2015 budget
        2. Andy moved to approve assessment with growth fund. Mike seconded. Motion passed.
      3. Accept the newly renegotiated mortgage note
        1. Andy moved to accept; Bernie seconded. Vestry approved.
      4. Requests from outreach committee
        1. Can pay by end of month
        2. RJ moved to pay these; Andy seconded.
          1. Bernie voted no.
          2. All other vestry voted yes.
          3. Motion carried.
        3. Approve finance committee
          1. Last year: RJ, Betty, Dana
          2. Motion to appoint RJ, Betty, Dana and Cindie to be on Finance Committee; Mike seconded it
            1. Vestry approved
          3. Paul will play Santa after the 10:30 service

Bernie moved to adjourn. Lew seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned.

Mike closed with a prayer.


NEXT MEETING:  January 9, 2017.                     NEXT SUPPER:  Jeff Murph


Upcoming dates:

                              -December 24:  4pm and 10pm Christmas Eve

                              -December 25:  10:30am service ONLY Christmas Day

                              -January 29:  Parish Annual Meeting

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