How do I become a member?

  • The way to become a Christian is to be baptized; baptism is sacrament of the church where water is poured upon a person in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, washing them from sin, letting them die to an old way of sin and raising them to a new life in Christ Jesus.  So if you have never been baptized then first speak to the priest about training and preparing for this and scheduling this happy event.
  • If you have already been baptized then perhaps you may wish to be confirmed when the bishop comes.  Confirmation is when the bishop places his hands upon your head and prays for the Holy Spirit to give you special strength for your life in Christ.  Speak to the priest if you are interested in this.
  • If you have already been baptized and want to be a member of St. Thomas Church then simply tell the priest.  He can make you an official member and tell you about periodic newcomer classes that may be helpful

Can I take communion?

  • If you have been baptized as a Christian then you are welcome to receive the Body and Blood of Christ in communion.
  • When the usher indicates it is time, come up to the rail at the altar and open your palms; the priest will place the consecrated bread upon your hand.  OR, if you prefer, simply open your mouth and the priest will place the consecrated bread upon your tongue.
  • When the chalice of consecrated wine comes then simply grasp the bottom of the chalice and help guide the cup to your lips.
  • You do not have to take both the bread and the wine; you may simply receive the bread if that is what you prefer.

How do I get baptized?  (Or get my child baptized?)

  • Normally, we ask people interested in baptism to take our Alpha Course (see Alpha Course on this website under “Newcomers”).
  • The church also provides an orientation for parents and godparents before the actual baptismal ceremony so everyone knows what to expect.
  • Please speak to the priest if you are interested.

What if I want to get married?

  • St. Thomas Church uses the Alpha Course for those preparing to get married.
  • In addition, the church provides premarital sessions (about four or five) for couples to prepare them for their marriage.
  • Weddings need to be scheduled through the priest so please come to church and speak to one of the clergy.

How can get involved?

  • Come to church and check us out
  • Ask the clergy about opportunities and interests
  • Join a small group and get to know people
  • Take the Alpha Course
  • Call the church office and ask
  • Get trained to take a shut-in communion
  • Go on a mission trip
  • Try out the choir
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