Sunday Morning Adult Christian Education

Saint Thomas Church

Adult Christian Education 2018

All classes meet in the Parish Hall or the Guild Room from 9:30 to 10:15am

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Season of Lent:  February 18 through March 25

Sundays in Lent:  Waking Up White

Richard Williams leads this class that is based upon a book written by Debbie Waking up White PhotoIrving called, “Waking Up White:  and finding myself in the story of race”.  The book is written from a personal perspective of the author who, raised in a privileged Cambridge upper class home, begins to discover that her assumptions about the similarity of opportunity were false.  Recommended by the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Mr. Williams leads this class in a gracious and gentle way to examine solutions and never to assign blame.  For those who wish to order the book, it is available through Amazon.  The class meets in the St. Anne’s Guild Room at 9:30am


Saturdays in Lent:  “Mark out Loud” Mark the Evangelist

February 17 through March 24

Fr. Chips Koehler is teaching a Saturday morning bible study (9:30-10:30am), modeled on a old method used in the synagogue, to read the gospel of Mark.  There is learning and discussion, as well as some prayer.  Come enjoy some hot coffee and read the earliest gospel together with a community.

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