The Alpha Course

Alpha logoOn Wednesday, April 22, the spring Alpha Course will begin at St. Thomas Church at 6:30pm.  A ten-week course designed for seekers or for people within the church, Alpha centers on questions of the meaning of life.  Beginning with a delicious meal, followed by a joke and a song, a short presentation on a particular topic is offered every week and then an opportunity to respond to what has been said in a completely open and non-judgmental way is given for everyone in the context of a small group.  Alpha is a lot of fun, with laughter and support as participants examine the questions behind our daily living.  Child care is available by request in advance.  Come check out Alpha (also check our subpage–”Newcomers” for more information on Alpha).  It is possible to join the Alpha Course even if it has already started up until the fourth week.

Call the church office (412-828-9680) to make a reservation!

The Marriage Course begins

Marriage CourseOn Wednesdays, at 6:30pm, St. Thomas Church is offering the Marriage Course. The first night will be April 22.  Designed particularly for couples already married, the course runs for seven weeks and focuses on strengthening couples’ marriages.  Starting with a meal, served to each couple at their own table, the course then continues by examining a different topic each week (Communication, Relations with In-laws, Conflict Resolution, Expressing Affection, etc.) with brief presentations followed by private discussion by the couple, guided by short written exercises.  Anyone may take the course, whether or not they members of the parish.  The cost is simply the cost of the books ($15 for each person) and a freewill contribution toward the food.  (Scholarships are available).  It is not too late to join.

Normal Worship Service Schedule

Please feel free to worship with us on any Sunday:

8:00 a.m.:
This is our most traditional service. It is a beautiful peaceful and quiet holy communion without regular music. It follows the Rite One service from the Book of Common Prayer.

10:30 a.m.: This service is filled with music, both traditional as well as contemporary. A practical message is given every week, applying the timeless wisdom of the Bible to everyday life. A parallel children’s ministry called Gods Kids is offered for kids five years old through fifth grade. The service follows the Rite Two holy communion service from the Book of Common Prayer.

9:00 a.m.: Breakfast (coffee, doughnuts, bagels): Theres plenty of food, especially for the family running late. A donation of fifty cents is welcome but your credit is good with us.

9:30 a.m.: Christian Education:  An Adult Forum class meets in the Parish Hall and a Small Group meets in the Guild Room.  Children’s Christian Education meets in classes in the upstairs Parish Hall.

Small Groups: There’s a small group for just about anyone (meeting at various times), according to what is your interest. There are women’s groups, men’s groups, mixed groups, traditional Bible studies or book groups to completely untraditional offerings like learning to play the guitar or how to use a computer. Won’t you try one out and get to know some folks along the way.

Wednesday mornings: 10:00 a.m. This simple holy communion service is an unpretentious time to worship and pray and includes a special time to pray for healing.

Welcome to St. Thomas, Oakmont!

We are a group of people who believe Jesus is alive and welcome people no matter where they happen to be on their spiritual journey.

  • What we believe: We believe that we Christians are part of the Body of Christ and that we are accepted where we are. But God never leaves us where we are but calls us to grow: spiritually, in the life of our community, in the life of our congregation and in number.
  • Our Mission: We, as members of the Body of Christ, are called to grow: spiritually, in parish life, in our community, and as a congregation.